What to Expect

What to expect in your first NMT session

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Our model for applying NMT is very specific. In your first session, two statements will be constructed using the information you give. The first-is called the Transformed from Statement (TFS). This statement is a brief but succinct statement about your current state and what you no longer desire to experience.

The second statement is called the Transformed to Statement (TTS). This statement addresses how you want to experience your body and life. It address’s the issues in the TFS and describes what it will look and feel like in the new Transformed State. It is a very positive intentional and affirming statement.

The Mind Body is now aware of what is not wanted and what is desired. A metric is taken on the statement to see how big the problem on the TFS is. A metric is also taken on the TTS to make sure you are in total alignment with this transformation. Proceeding to the next step, which is assessing, yes and no metrics on our Energetic Dynamic Worksheet (EDA). The completed EDA gives clear information how the Mind Body perceives how much of each category is a contributor of IF (information Faults) and how much they each factor in the TFS issues. Time to proceed onto the NMT Pathways. MRT (Muscle Response Testing) is used to determine what NMT Pathways to proceed with in the transformation of the TFS into the TTS. This allows for constant Mind Body communication, leading to the most efficient transformation.

Please see NMT website where you will find a great explanation of MRT, and information on NMT, including videos of Dr. Leslie Feinberg, our esteemed creator of NMT, as well as some of our family of practitioners.

The best responses to NMT are when the client and NMT Practitioner have a relationship based on trust, openness, and mutual understanding based in the intention for the clients TTS. I always tell my clients to let go of what their own idea of disease is and let NMT do what it does best. This is because sometimes we are our own block to healing. Usually after evaluation and the first session of NMT Pathways I will discuss with my client how long we give for a trial period. This depends on the nature of the condition to be transformed and how chronic it may be. The progress is monitored and discuss at each session. My experience has seen that NMT can be quite quick in seeing results. Once the client is experiencing change it is better determined how many sessions will be needed. NMT is truly the most effective and thorough treatment I have experienced both personally and as an NMT Practitioner.

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NMT Brings Relief From a Variety of Issues:

  • Autoimmune and Inflammatory Conditions
  • Acute and Chronic Pain Syndromes
  • Food, Respiratory and Environmental Allergies
  • Chronic, Acute and Sub-Clinical Infections
  • Migraines, Headaches, Dental Pain
  • Gastrointestinal Conditions
  • Emotional and Psychological Traumas

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Remote Sessions are available via Zoom, Skype or Phone