What is Healing?

Healing Guidance

My own experience has proven to me that true healing is not linear. We are Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Humans. Whatever issue we are having in our physical body started in one or more of what we call the Energetic Bodies. This is the Human Experience, and when we understand this better, we will open our minds to healing all the bodies as well as the physical. The physical body is the last to manifest because it is the densest. The other bodies can only be seen with certain instruments or by people who have the gift of seeing auras. If you could see your energetic bodies, you would see certain things in the auric field that if are healed, will never manifest in the body. However, over time the density of anchored emotion, mental negative patterns, and trauma, if not healed will show up in some form as dis-ease in the body.

The Energetic Bodies

The Energetic Bodies are Mental (the thoughts you think) Emotional (the emotions you feel), and Spiritual (how you perceive yourself as a spiritual being.)

Every thought you think has a biochemical response in the chemistry of your body. If it is a positive thought, it creates a positive effect in the emotional body and the chemistry of the physical body. If it is a negative thought, it does the opposite. It sets into motion (emotion is energy in motion) a negative feeling (emotion) and the body creates an adverse chemical reaction in the physical body.

The thoughts you think and project into your life, are based in your belief about yourself. These thoughts create your reality, so your reality is constantly being shaped by your thoughts about who you believe yourself to be and how that reality interacts in your life, negatively or positively.

Where do we get this programming?

No one makes a conscious decision to create negative thoughts. We get these programmed naturally from the human collective experience. Many things have been handed down to us through our bloodline and then reinforced through the first years of our life. We are too young and do not yet have a filter to say no, I do not wish that to be part of my belief. So, we take it in like a sponge without question. Some of these things are very positive and give us a good sense of self, and others are not so good, such as comments about our abilities, talents, looks and intelligence, in a criticism. We have all lived out our imprints in one form or another.

These imprints are mostly lived out unconsciously at first, because they reside in what we call the Other Than Conscious Mind (OTCM), who we really believe we are. This is what we continue to create and call forth on our path even if we do not want to, or like the result.

Other Than Conscious Mind

The conscious mind works hard to create a reality that we desire to have. However here is where the personal ego plays. So, you observe your conscious mind observing that I am good at this, I look good today, I really feel I have talent in this area, I am a good person, kind, loving etc., yet the ego’s worst fear is you will really know your truth and so it works just as hard to ensure its existence, by being your worst critic tearing down as quickly as you can build. We all have a critic to some degree, and it all depends on how deep our wounds and unconscious thought patterns that we run without consciously knowing, every day.

Some of these get handled with interacting in life and relationships. We observe and self-realize in healthier ways. Most of us have a core belief that is our biggest life lesson. In other words, the thing we need to heal the most. Some have more than one. These are the strongholds that sometimes are held strong and long enough in the subtle bodies, that it creates dis-ease in the physical body. This is a blessing because if we listen, stop and heal this old worn-out belief, we can be free of it. If we do not listen to what the body is saying to us (the body never lies), then it can be pain and suffering. We have been so programmed to ignore our bodies and keep going, many let this go to the place of much pain and suffering. This does not need to be. We need to begin to listen to our bodies as they are always giving us feedback. Most people at some point in their life choose to look deeper within and ask the Question Who AM I? This is the beginning of learning who you are not, so you can become more of who you truly are. More on this later.