Journey Work

Journey Work

Journey Through Time

Most clients want to change the body, and NMT through the system of very efficient information and delivery, is complete in of itself. Delivery of the NMT Pathways to the Mind Body in silence, through the principle of Entanglement, is efficient to identify Information Faults and shift the mind by releasing attunement to anchored emotion, trauma, thoughts, and beliefs, without having to wade in the water of emotion, so to speak, to reach the Transformed to State (TTS).  I love NMT for this reason. To clarify, NMT stands on its own, it works at all levels and transformation can be realized.  My own healing and transformation have been a large part due to Dr. Leslie Feinberg and NMT.  I use NMT as a large part of my practice; it works very effectively.

I have become quite adept at navigating time and space to identify and heal issues that may be buried in the deep subconscious. My own healing required this of myself, and it was my nature to want to remember the way of the Mystic. 

What is a Mystic?

A mystic is a soul who knows that we have all traveled the path of the soul and along the way we may have gathered some not so pleasant experiences. Some of these not so pleasant experiences have their roots in another time space dimension. Some people call them past lives. Sometimes this is hard for some to wrap their awareness around. If so, that is just fine, there is no need to go there. But for the soul who cannot figure out why they keep having an experience or a triggering or a fear, that just does not make sense in terms of their present experience. Sometimes it can be very helpful to navigate through the soul’s Akash to find the reason, and healing can be complete. 

I call this Journey Work. It may not go to a past life, it may be that someone needs to go back and heal something in the current life. It may be someone just needs a guiding loving and safe place to get in touch with a deeper part of themselves to understand more clearly their hearts desire around a life decision, or purpose. In this way they get in touch with part of themselves they may have not been able to access before. This in touch with self can be a life changing experience for someone who has always felt the need to please everyone but themselves. Truly more people carry this imprint than we realize. 

So, Journey Work is really a deeper awareness of what is true for you, and with it much needed self-realization. My greatest Joy in my work is to witness a soul when their light goes into full illumination, and they see their own amazing self. Every soul is amazing and magnificent, and much of my purpose is to help as many see their own light as is possible. Many times, the journey is more about seeing self than even what may need to be healed from an unpleasant event.

I always approach this work with love, trust and compassion. I do it very intuitively and I never really have a plan because your soul’s higher self already knows what is needed. I just follow my own higher intuitive knowing and go with the flow and it always evolves into the perfect thing that is needed by the soul at the time.

This work is totally optional, and if I feel it could be of benefit to the client I will discuss it, always allowing the client to make the final decision, if it feels right and when it feels right. I have worked with clients in this way for their own personal and spiritual growth, as it can help accelerate this for them as well. This option is perfect to do inner child healing that can make such a difference to heal imprints given to us when we are young particularly in the first years. You will only go where you are ready to go. I am just the guiding voice; the rest is really within you. True healing is, as a soul we see who we truly are, not our imprints, or the projection of others, but our True soul essence. This is true for all souls and is much needed for this time in earth for the collective healing of humanity and our planet.

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