Journey into the Labyrinth

This ancient symbol has been used as a sacred circle that represents going within. All cultures have a sacred circle; the labyrinth is one of the most ancient. The Native Americans used the medicine Wheel as their holy place. The ancients and the native Americans used their intuitive understanding when choosing the site for the holy place.  It is believed that this site at The St Marie’s farm where the labyrinth is was once the Holy place for the Native Tribes who lived here before.  Therefore the 4 directional stones are in the center to honor those who walked here before. They could feel the energies of the land and would place the Labyrinth or medicine wheel where the energies came in and out of earth from higher dimensions.  They were one with the land and this was understood that these sights were optimal for connecting more deeply with the great Spirit.  As the circles were established and used, the energies would build according to the intention and purpose called in and placed there.  Therefore, you feel a reverence and respect when you enter these circles.  It is important for these sacred sites to be nurtured and respected and used on a regular basis by those who desire spiritual growth and a quiet place to go and connect with Spirit, God and your own connection and interpretation of what that means for you.

Labyrinth Symbol

The Labyrinth is Feminine in its nature, circular and flowing as it takes the journeyer into the heart, using sacred geometry in a pattern of circles and turns.  The labyrinth pictured above is called a seven seed or classical labyrinth. The sequence in which you walk to the inner circle takes you through the seven chakras.

  1. When you enter the labyrinth you are in the circle that represents the third chakra, here is where you surrender your ego, your own will, aligning with the will of your higher self, or spirit, letting go of all you have thought yourself to be. This is the chakra that often holds stuck emotions.  As you walk in this circle take the time to let this chakra open and release all that no longer serves you. Using the essential oil of release or surrender on the 3rd chakra is helpful. Release all old emotion you have not known what to do with. This is the chakra where forgiveness of self and the other is important.  No need to analyze, just let go.
  2. Turning into the outside you enter the second circle representing the second chakra. In the second chakra you release any self-doubt about who you have thought you are, especially in your gender, any feelings or fears about accomplishing all you have come to create and give into earth. Examine here how you feel about yourself as a female or male and the power you hold here in its sacred form.   Do you have some false beliefs here you want to surrender?  If you used release on the 3rdchakra, use surrender on the second or release if you used surrender before, you may also find sensation essential oil beneficial here if you are working with your sacred sexuality, as this chakra has to do with your idea of you, your creative expression of your true essence.  What do you want to give to earth, what gives you the most joy in your creative expression?
  3. Turning into the outside circle of the labyrinth you enter the root or base chakra. As you walk this largest circle, connect deeply into the Mother Earth and feel her beautiful love and support that is always present. As you feel this, release any fear you hold about being supported in earth. Remember the Mother always gives, always loves, always provides.  Allow everything you released from the 3rd and 2nd chakras to drain out through the root into the earth for transmutation.  Let the earth energies rise into your first 3 chakras feeling that support. If you would like to use an essential oil here it could be a tree oil or grounding to ground into the mother and allow her energies to support you.
  4. You now turn right and move more deeply into the center into the heart the fourth chakra. As you walk this circle you embrace Love, opening your heart to yourself and the true nature of who you are. It is a good thing to also allow gratitude for your life and all the things you have to be grateful for, especially your challenges because they can bring great growth. This greatly expands the heart energy; allow any grief or sadness you have been holding here to release. Forgiveness is important here if needed. Forgiveness and/or Joy essential oil work well for this chakra.  This will allow the heart to expand even more, so let yourself bask in the peace and joy as well as love.
  5. After the heart is open and receiving, you step into the very center circle representing the crown chakra. Open this chakra fully to let Divine Spirit fill your being as you make the connection to the highest divine light, you remember, this is your truth, you are perfect, spiritual and divine. Release any old imprints you may have about a judging God, and let yourself experience the creators unconditional love, letting go of old beliefs that have created judgment and guilt. Use the holy anointing oil of frankincense on your crown chakra.
  6. The next circle represents your 6th chakra or third eye.  This is the eye you use for inner vision and intuitive knowing.  Bring the energy from the crown into this area of your forehead between your physical eyes.  If you feel fear or pain here, relax into the energy of divine love, and surrender into the truth of spirit.  This is where you trust you to see and know what is the truth from a spiritual perspective above the density of earth.   This is where you leave the illusion behind and know and trust your spiritual vision where the real truth is seen and known. Use the oil of awaken or envision on this chakra.
  7. The final turn takes you into the 5th chakra. In this chakra Allow the earth energies you brought up from the lower chakras to join with the heart energy.  Take a moment to feel the grounded power coming up from earth now center into your heart knowing of who you are.  Let this build and move up into your throat, joining the energy and knowing you have found in the 7th and 6th chakra and express to heaven and earth your truth.  Allow full expression to move through this chakra and clear out any fear or feeling of self-suppression. Live your passion would be a good oil here or Sacred Mountain. Embrace the truth of yourself and release any old energies of fear from old traumas that have caused you to feel suppressed in your expression of who you are.

From the 5th chakra you turn and move into the center point. This is the point of power. If you feel any discomfort or unrest anywhere in your body or a particular chakra, Allow the energy of the center of the Labyrinth to move through you and wash away any leftover residue you may still hold in your bodies.  Now allow yourself to feel your divine self and acknowledge your gifts and talents.

The center point of the labyrinth is where you can receive whatever is given from the realms of love and light. You may receive guidance, affirmation or higher wisdom. So open to receive all.  When you feel complete you walk out the same way you came in, only in reverse. However, you are now holding a different vision of yourself a new awareness, a higher vibration. As you walk out you lay the etheric path of this vision of what you desire to create.  The way out is different for this reason you first send out the 5th chakra new expression, moving up to the crown adding the divne blessing to your vision next in your 6th chakra.  Next you turn and bring it all into the heart feeling deeply the emotion of what you want to manifest in a new idea of yourself, as you move it all into your 1st chakra taking earth as your partner and foundation of stability as you take it to your second your power to create it and last into the 3rd, where you and the divine manifest it into being.

This is why these circles build in energy when used regularly because they hold the etheric imprint of all those who have walked the paths. When you step in you share the oneness of spirit with all those who have walked before you, creating a field of consciousness of love and support for spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

In order to be empowered to live this new vision of yourself spend a few moments daily re-creating and holding this in your 6th chakra.  While you are doing this feel deeply the emotion of what it feels like to live this in all your chakras.  This will greatly enhance your ability to draw this to you in physical manifestation.

I have labeled the sequence 1 through 7 however it is really 3,2,1,4,7,6,5 according to the chakra sequence as you can see above. The walk out of the labyrinth is 5,6,7,4,1,2,3.  You can draw a labyrinth and trace it with your finger, however if you have a chance to walk one placed on the land it is a sacred experience. You can use crystals and gems instead of, or with essential oils as well.  In my Labyrinths that I have had on my land I have often placed gems and crystals in each path according to their corresponding energies.  Also please know that any time you can walk a labyrinth it is beneficial even if you do not do it as I have taught.  Many times, I have walked a labyrinth with nothing or just the oil of release or highest potential or any oil and had sweet results.  So do not make it complicated, as the labyrinth and the land itself will lovingly assist you as needed.

The most important thing to remember is, the labyrinth is a powerful tool for your own personal transformation, to let go of old veils of beliefs, and imprints to find your true self and heal.  We can only change our self and if we would all do the inner work of releasing old worn-out ways of being, and embrace our true nature as love, we would change the world in a moment.  Blessings of love and light on your journey.

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