Over the past several years, NMT with Sharon Stone has had a profoundly positive impact on my health, both physically and mentally.  I have suffered 5 strokes over the years, and am well aware of the symptoms that warn of impending stroke.  NMT has been successful in relieving these symptoms almost immediately, when they present.

Also, NMT has restored my nervous system more than once, after severe trauma events in my life. It has shortened the duration of a virus on several occasions as well. 

Marydith Grant

My first remote NMT session with Sharon was phenomenal! I was physically fatigued due to lack of sleep, my stomach was upset and I was very emotionally stressed. Within the hour after our session, my head fog cleared and I felt AMAZINGLY GREAT. I was totally convinced that NMT worked for me after that first session. If you are on the fence regarding whether NMT will help you, I encourage you to get started.

I ALWAYS feel better after a session with Sharon. She is kind, compassionate, an extremely gifted NMT Practitioner and I trust her intuition 100% in guiding our NMT sessions. Not only is Sharon a professional and intuitive NMT Practitioner, she is my mentor and a dear friend. I love you, Sharon! Thank you so much for all of your help!

Christine Long

Sharon is a natural healer and teacher. She discovers the core of the problem and, through her experience and intuition as a gifted healer, provides the means for healing. I am always amazed how energized and light I feel for days after a session.

Aerial Long

Dear Sharon, Thank You so very much for opening your home and soul to me and the other beautiful women last Friday night for the full moon Goddess celebration! The night and morning were truly magical, and I have already seen the Goddess' Grace beginning to unfold this week Thank You Thank You Thank You

Judy Schiller